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What We Do


What We Do

With nearly 1000 members, the University of Nottingham Law Society offers an unparalleled experience for law and non-law students. Because of our prestige and history, LawSoc is able to work closely with the most reputable law firms in the world, providing our members with excellent career and networking opportunities from day one.

Law is a competitive practice, and the society works tirelessly to secure the best connections possible to ensure that every member is aware of vacation scheme deadlines, training contract application processes, and the dozens of brand ambassador jobs available every single year.

Thanks to its sponsors, LawSoc is able to host the biggest and most frequent socials at the University of Nottingham. Studying law is an engaging and rewarding process, which the society supplements by inviting our members to attend truly memorable events such as river cruises, winter and spring ball, firm presentations, theatre trips and much more. The benefits of joining the society extend to retail as every member receives a LawSoc membership card. This entitles holders to more discounts than any other society from Nottingham’s freshest and brightest businesses.

LawSoc prides itself on not only being academically ambitious, but also by fielding the best sports teams anywhere on campus. Our basketball, rugby, hockey, netball, volleyball, and football teams, are a force to be reckoned with every single weekend.

Most importantly, LawSoc is a channel of support for all members. The committee is fully trained by the University to help guide students to the help which they deserve. We champion ourselves on being a collective.

As well as organising charitable events, the LawSoc adoption scheme is one of the most longstanding and successful internal mentoring schemes at the University of Nottingham, laying testament to the belief that LawSoc is, in essence, one big family. We even sponsored our very own guide dog - Denning!

We look forward to welcoming you for the 2019/20 academic year and allowing you to engage in every opportunity here at the University of Nottingham.  Click here to join LawSoc.

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